Your question: Why did the dog leave the wolf’s company?

Answer: The dog first chose a wolf as his master. But he found the wolf afraid of the bear. So he left the company of the wolf.

Why did the dog leave the wolf and take up service with the bear?

Answer: The dog was unable to understand this behaviour so he asked his master what was affecting him? Then the wolf told him that there was a bear who might eat them. Seeing that the Bear was stronger than the Wolf, the Dog decided to take up service with him, and he left the Wolf and asked the Bear to be his master.

Why did the dog leave the lion?

The dog left the animals one-by-one because he found that the wolf was afraid of the bear. He stayed with the bear but later found that the lion was stronger than him. He requested the lion to be his master and found that he was afraid of human beings.

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Who did the first choose as his master why did he leave that master?

Answer: He first chose a Wolf as -his master. He left that master because he (the Wolf) got frightened of a Bear and ran away.

Where did bear take dog?

The dog soon realized that the bear was stronger than wolf and made the bear his new master. The bear then asked the dog to search for a herd of cows so that the wolf could kill them and both can have a big feast.

Why was the wolf afraid of the bear Class 6?

Answer: The wolf was afraid of Che bear because the bear was stronger and could kill the wolf. Question 4.

Why did Taro hide himself?

Why did Taro hide himself? Answer: Taro hid to save himself from the anger of the villagers.

Why did the waterfall give Taro sake and other water?

The waterfall obliged Taro and changed water into sake. The reason was that he was a thoughtful son. He served his old parents sincerely. Sake was the reward for his goodness.

Why did the Master throw the dog out?

Answer: because they are very careless and unmind person when there need is full they throw the animals out …

How did the dog serve the man answer?

The dog felt the need for a master because he was unhappy with his way of life. He was sick and tired of wandering about alone, looking for food and getting frightened of those who were stronger than him. Therefore, he decided to serve someone who was stronger than anyone on earth who would be his master. 2.

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How a dog found himself a master?

Ans: The dog first chose a big, strong and fierce wolf as his master. Once, the dog saw that the wolf was afraid that the bear would eat them up. Since the dog wanted to serve only the strongest, he left the wolf and asked the bear who was stronger than the wolf to be his master.

What did the dog ask the wolf?

He walked and he walked and he met a kinsman of his, a big wolf who was as strong as he was fierce. “Where are you going, Dog?” the Wolf asked. “I am looking for someone to take up service with.

Did Patrick like doing homework?

Answer: Patrick never liked to do his homework. He hated to do his homework because for him it was too boring. Instead of doing his homework, he used to play hockey basketball and Nintendo.

What did dogs decided?

4. What major decision did that Dog take? Ans: That dog decided to become the servant of one who was stronger than anyone on earth. He set out to find such a master.

Who was the last master of the dog?

5. He finally chose man as his master. One day, the dog realised that the lion was afraid of man. As he wanted to serve someone who was the most powerful, he chose man as his master.

Where had the farmer’s wife gone?

Ans: The farmer’s wife had gone to the market. She left the baby to the care of her pet, the friendly mongoose.

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