Quick Answer: What is a dog leg?

What does dog leg slang mean?

1a : something having an abrupt angle. b : a sharp bend (as in a road) 2 : a golf hole having an angled fairway.

What is a dog leg in construction?

A dog-leg is a configuration of stairs between two floors of a building, often a domestic building, in which a flight of stairs ascends to a quarter-landing before turning at a right angle and continuing upwards. The flights do not have to be equal, and frequently are not.

What is a dog leg in electrical?

a conduit that is bent for an offset but its crooked.

What is a dog leg in golf?

A dogleg is a hole where the fairway turns somewhere before reaching the green, which makes the green not completely visible from the tee. It is one of the most common types of golf holes across all courses, from the local 9 hole course to championship-level courses.

Where does the term dog leg come from?

The noun is derived from dog +‎ leg, referring to the shape of the hind leg of a dog.

What shape is a dog leg?

Dogleg, a shape of an oval track with a recognizable kink.

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What is a dog foot?

Paws consist of five main structures: digital pads, claws, dewclaws, carpal pads, and metacarpal pads. … Digital pads: These are the four small pads located on each toe, used to support some of your dog’s weight as well as their joints.

What are the parts of a dog’s leg?

The upper thigh (femur) is the part of the dog’s leg situated above the knee on the hind leg. The stifle or knee is the joint that sits on the front of the hind leg in line with the abdomen. The lower thigh (tibia and fibula) is the part of the hind leg beneath the knee to the hock.

What is open newel stair?

Definition of open-newel stair

: a stair having successive flights or a continuous spiral surrounding a space left open between the strings.

How do you use a dog’s no leg level?

Using the No-Dog

  1. Position conduit in bender.
  2. Attach No-Dog to conduit at either end as shown below. …
  3. Adjust bender pressure on conduit so conduit is snug yet loose enough to be turned with a pair of channelloks, pipe wrench or chain wrench.
  4. Turn conduit until No-Dog shows level.
  5. Bend conduit to desired angle.

What is dog Lake in golf?

Dogleg left is a golf term for a hole with a fairway that bends to the left and obscures the green from the tee. The name comes from the resemblance of the bend of the fairway to a dog’s ankle area.

What is a mulligan in golf?

The basic definition of mulligan, a term most associated with golf, is a “do-over,” a second try after your first has gone awry. Every weekend golfer has taken a few mulligans in their lifetime, and there’s no shame in that.

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What is the line in golf?

Golf Compendium

The “putting line” is the path on which your putted ball travels toward the hole; the “through line” is the continuation of that path a few feet past the hole.