How do you pick a winning dog on the track?

1. Good draws win races. Look for the races when the runner in trap one is the only railer – that’s a dog who prefers to run on the inside of the track. If every other dog has a ‘m’ for middle runner or ‘w’ for wide runner in brackets after its name, you’ve found the ideal race.

What is the best way to bet on greyhounds?

The most common way to bet on greyhound racing is to either pick a dog and back it to win a particular race, or you can back a dog to be placed in order to have a better chance of winning. This means it must finish in the top two, though your winnings will be lower than if you select a dog to win the race.

How do you win a dog race bet?

You win the wager if your horse or greyhound finishes first or second. SHOW: Your selection must finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd – Betting a horse or greyhound to “show” means selecting a horse or greyhound who you think will finish in the top 3. You win the wager if your horse or greyhound finishes first, second, or third.

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How often does the favorite win in dog racing?

Although favorites win about 30% of the time at most tracks, that doesn’t mean that the one you bet on will come in. I bet favorites if I agree that the dog should be at short odds.

What should I look for in a dog race?

Things to consider when betting on greyhound racing

  • Box draw: The box from which a greyhound starts in a race will significantly impact its chances. …
  • Early Speed: …
  • Stamina: …
  • Running style: …
  • Grade: …
  • Confidence: …
  • Trainer: …
  • Track suitability:

What number greyhound wins the most?

Of the eight boxes allocated for each greyhound race*, Box One (red) generated the most winners with 18.5%. This is traditionally the case at nearly all greyhound racetracks simply because the box is the closest to the rail and therefore the quickest route to the winning post.

What does W mean in greyhound racing?

W Ru – “Wide at the run up”

Wide denotes that the selection navigated a run close to the outside track railing at this stage in the race. The “run up” is the section of the race between the races starting point and the first bend.

What is a $3 Perfecta?

$3 PERFECTA Play 2 dogs, they must come in 1st & 2nd in exact order. $2 TRIFECTA Play 3 dogs, they must come in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in exact order. $1 KEY TRIFECTA Play 3 dogs, if you key a dog to win, that dog must come in 1st, followed by the other two dogs bet in either order 2nd & 3rd.

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What does CSR mean in dog racing?

“What’s a CSR when it’s at home?” “It stands for Consolidated Speed Rating,” I told my clueless friend. “It takes track bias and other things into account and gives the dogs a speed rating for each of their races and an average overall speed rating. It’s a good way to rank the dogs by class within their grade.”

How does tab Favourite numbers work?

How do the Favourite Numbers win? The Favourite Numbers, 1 through 30, are randomly allocated by the TABtouch system to a group of forty races due to be run on the Wednesday and Saturday. The remaining 10 races become the list of substitute races.

How often do 2nd Favourites win?

Second favourites in the last year won around 20% of races. So around 50% of races go to either the 1st or 2nd favs, meaning 50% of races do not and those are the races to concentrate on. Look for races where the head of the market is weak and take those horses on by laying them on the Betfair Exchange.

Are dog races rigged?

By slowing a dog, a trainer can lengthen the odds on it and even get it re-graded so that it only runs against lesser dogs. Then, once it has has been categorised as a long shot, he can run it without drugs, vastly increasing its chances of winning – this is race fixing and is illegal.

Is dog racing fixed?

By slowing a dog, a trainer can lengthen the odds on it. Then, once it has been categorised as a long shot, the dog can run without drugs, vastly increasing its chances of winning. This is race-fixing and is illegal.

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What is the 2 trap greyhound system?

The Two Trap Greyhound System is a 24 page manual detailing step by step a selection and staking strategy that optimises the probability of selecting winning greyhounds at race-cards across the world. The system works in almost all countries where gambling is legal and betting is available online.

How much does it cost to have a greyhound in training?

Don’t forget the monthly costs, Trainers fees vary but on average it will cost you between £7 and £9 a day to keep your Greyhound in training. You should always contact a trainer in advance to discuss this.