Why do groomers shave dogs paws?

Although your pup’s paws are strong and resilient, they still need frequent care. Grooming your dog’s paws—from their nails to the pads themselves—ensures that your dog doesn’t experience any irritation or infections that could make it difficult for them to walk.

Why do dogs need their paw pads shaved?

When you trim the hair between her pads, you reduce the risk of mats building up between them and making it painful for her to walk. No matter what time of year, there is always something that can get caught up in your pup’s paws and pads if you don’t keep them well groomed.

Should a dogs paws be shaved?

Dogs that lick their feet can actually cause yeast and bacterial infections to continue and sometimes, not shaving the pads out, will stop this behavior. YES some dogs need to have their pads shaved out but not every dog does. It DOES NOT make you any less professional to skim or scissor pads!

Is cutting a dog’s paws hair good?

Should I Cut the Fur on My Dog’s Paws? If hair extends between your dog’s pads and bunches between the toes, you should trim it. Having too much hair in this area can be uncomfortable for your dog. It may also make it hard for him to get enough traction, causing him to slide.

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Why do you need to cut the hair between dogs toes?

If you have a dog who tends to have long hair growing between his toes, it is very important for you to keep it trimmed. If you let this hair grow too long, it will make it harder for your pup to walk and can make walking quite painful.

What happens if you don’t shave your dog’s paw pads?

If these areas aren’t cleaned or treated, they could become infected and make it painful for your pup to walk. Additionally, long hair can slip under the paw pads and cause your dog to slip or lose their footing, increasing their risk for injuries.

Why does my dog have hairy paws?

The skin’s appearance may vary, but it often resembles thick hair on your dog’s paw pads. Thus, it’s often called “hairy feet”. Hyperkeratosis occurs due to a protein inside your dog called keratin. Your dog’s body can make too much keratin on the skin’s outer layers, resulting in coarse hair-like paw pads.

Should I trim the hair on the bottom of my dog’s paws?

Trim the Hair

Hair that bunches between the pads is uncomfortable and hair that folds under the pads can cause the dog to slip and slide. If your dog has hair that grows between his pads, trim it when it gets long and folds under his pads or when it bunches up between his toes.