Should I give my dog walker a key?

Your dog walker should hold a second set of keys primarily in the case of an emergency. While unlikely a second set will be required, it’s important to plan for every eventuality. You want to ensure that if your regular dog walker was to be taken ill or if the keys were lost that they have a backup in place.

Should I trust a dog walker?

In the majority of cases, the answer is YES! Why? First and foremost, hiring a dog walker to relieve your pet once, twice or even three times a day helps put your mind at ease so you can focus on your busy day and know that your beloved pet is comfortable and well cared for.

Do dog walkers enter your house?

Once you’ve contacted the walker, they should arrange a Meet & Greet with you. This is where they will come to your house to meet you and your dog, learn about the service specifics you’re looking for, and see where the supplies (leash, poop bags, etc.) are located within your home.

What is a good tip for a dog walker?

15–20% is the usual percentage if you want to tip your dog walker in cash.

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How do I leave my pet sitter key?

Always pick up keys in-person, test them to make sure they work, and return keys in-person (preferably) or by mail. Don’t allow “hide-a-keys” — it’s a security risk for yourself, the pets, and the client’s home.

Is there a demand for dog walkers?

Our recent research* revealed that there is a growing demand for dog walkers and 13% admit to counting on them to ensure their dog gets enough exercise.

How do dog walkers work?

A dog walker will typically pick the dog up at the owner’s house, take it out for its walk, and return the animal back to the house. Some dog walkers take many dogs for a walk at the same time, while others prefer to take only one at a time.

How does dog walk work Rover?

How does it work? When a dog walker begins a walk, they’ll tap Start in their Rover app. When they’re done, they’ll tap Stop to end the walk. During that time, their device will track and store their GPS location data, which is sent to Rover once they hit Stop.

How much should I give my dog walker for Christmas?

For your dog walker, one to two weeks’ salary, presented in cash in a holiday card will put a skip in their step. A tasteful or dog-themed picture frame, candle, hat or scarf is a great optional gift from your dog (he likes to shop, right?).

Should you tip a dog kennel?

Plenty of customer do not, and that’s totally normal. Boarding – PRETTY COMMON; For whatever reason, a pretty decent number of customers feel compelled to tip for a boarding stay, more so if special requests are made. But again, it’s completely common and acceptable to forego tipping for a boarding stay.

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Are you supposed to tip Wag Walkers?

You can set your own schedule, including early morning and late night walks; Some owners tip very well (I have a few clients who tip 50% on a $12 walk). … “Wag, if you plan on taking 40% of the walk payout, provide more support for the walkers. You should also consider paying out more to walkers that have walked a lot.

Should I trust a pet sitter?

While professional pet sitters may cost slightly more than their non-professional counterparts, your investment pays big dividends. Using a professional pet sitter who is insured, bonded and trained protects you and your pet—and we know there’s no price you would place on your pet’s safety and well-being.

Can I trust cat sitters?

Cat sitting is a safe, reliable and trustworthy service providing love and care for your cat while you’re away. It’s a great alternative to cat boarding or a cattery. How long should a cat sitter stay? If a cat sitter is visiting once or twice a day, they should stay for around 20-40minutes per visit.

How does Rover work with keys?

Welcome to Rover. Depending on your particular house, you will give them a key so that they can access your home while you are away. If you are in an apartment and have a fob/gate code/alarm code, etc these are also very helpful things to give to the sitter.