How long has Farmina dog food been around?

Family values permeate our work and our history that begins in Italy, more than 50 years ago, by the passion of a man for animal nutrition. It was 1965 when Mr. Francesco Russo founded the Russo Mangimi company specialized in animal nutrition.

Is Farmina dog food made in China?

‍Farmina is manufactured in Italy.

Where is Farmina dog food from?

Farmina dog food has its roots in the Russo Mangimi company, an animal nutrition business located in Italy and founded in 1965 by Francesco Russo.

Where is Farmina manufactured?

Farmina operates manufacturing facilities in Italy, Brazil and Serbia, as well as a sales and marketing office in New York City.

What company owns Farmina dog food?

Farmina Pet Food USA is part of Farmina Pet Foods Holding, which is based in Italy. Farmina remains headquartered in Italy and operates manufacturing facilities in Italy, Brazil and Serbia.

Is Farmina dog food good for allergies?

Farmina Vet Life UltraHypo is a complete dietetic food for dogs formulated for the reduction of alimentary intolerance to ingredients and nutrients and for dogs suffering from alimentary allergies and atopies.

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Does Farmina do feeding trials?

Farmina pays for the cost of the food and tests to ensure that the pets stay healthy. But the university pays for the research, and no matter what the outcome of the study, the research is published. Traditional feeding trials and Farmina’s approach both have positive and negatives to consider.

How is Farmina dog food made?

Farmina Pet Foods utilizes protein from true wild boar, chicken, herring, codfish and eggs. The fresh and dehydrated chicken in N&D is sourced exclusively from Italian chickens that are slaughtered only a few hours from our plants.

Is Farmina dog food made in Italy?

Top Quality Ingredients. Farmina makes world-class pet food, made in Italy. Their recipes are formulated in conjunction with the University of Naples, and meet the incredibly strict European pet food regulations (- we only have guidelines in North America.)

Is Farmina cruelty free?

One of the unique characteristics of the clinical trials set up by Farmina Vet Research (FVR) is our full respect to the animal’s welfare. We collaborate with dozens of independent veterinarians operating throughout Italy to offer nutritional solutions for cats and dogs.

Is Farmina grain free?

Farmina Pet Foods – Natural & Delicious Grain-Free.

What is Farmina?

Farmina is nature and science in perfect harmony.

Our mission is to develop the best all-natural, nutritious, and scientifically validated food that both cats and dogs will love. That’s why in our kitchen, we mix and cook only the finest raw ingredients following strict guidelines set by nutritional experts.

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Who makes Farmina catfood?

The Italian company Russo Magimi had been producing animal feed since 1965. However, it first decided to start creating dog food in the ’90s. It reached out to Farmina, an English nutrition company, to create nutritionally complete cat food.

Is Essence dog food grain free?

As always, our recipes are 100% grain free. And we integrate in healthy vegetables, such as pumpkin, which provide additional healthy nutrients and dietary fiber. This is all to ensure your dogs are at their healthy best, while eating truly great tasting food.

How many calories are in Victor?

Caloric content: 372 kcal per cup.